WayOn - Research & Development


Research & Development

Constantly evolving to meet market demands

Way-On is committed to product research and development and has a special R&D facility at its new production site. Dedicated food technologists works alongside the team to ensure the quality and consistency of our products is maintained.

Food safety is also high on the agenda at Way-On. With our state of the art equipment and ‘clean as you go’ policy we are committed to providing a safe production environment.

A combination of research with our customers and regular visits to the Far East ensures that we stay ahead of market demands.

Tailor made

At Way-On our customer’s needs are our top priority. Unlike other food production businesses, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers an individual service. We are used to varying our product range to meet specific customer requirements. Our extensive knowledge of the oriental foods business means that we are well placed to advise you on consumer tastes and trends. This is especially helpful if you are just starting to introduce Oriental ready food to your organisation.