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About Us

Founded in 1986 as a Company of the SeeWoo Group, Way-On Foods began production in a humble factory in North West London. Today, Way-On occupies a 24,000 sq ft, BRC accredited premises with state of the art machinery and 6000 sq ft of freezing and chilling equipment.

Way-On products have soared in popularity over the past 2 decades and can be found in many Oriental supermarkets throughout the UK.

Always keen to respond to market demand, Way-On has a dedicated test kitchen for new product development and its chefs are constantly discovering and developing new and exciting products to add to its ranges.

Way-On Seafood Selection, Speciality Selection, Dim Sum Selection and Condiments Selection represent over 150 different products including favourites like Sesame Prawn Toast, Won Ton Noodles, Chilli oils, dim sum and speciality marinated meats.

Way-On fresh Sesame Prawn Toast